Friday, August 19, 2011

We're sorry we're slow...

So its been a while but I guess we're keeping to the monthly updates. With work, house projects, and lots of exercise it leaves little time for the computer. But here we be!! with updates!!

Its been so so hot so exercise has been limited and when we are outside we walk slowly. The people cant handle the heat so we're gentle and slow with them. We still walk lots of times a day, just shorter walks.

We have lots coming up with a trip to the beach and a short stay at the farm for boarding. The peeps keep talking about the beach and they're really excited so we are too! Bella's been to the beach once when she was first rescued in San Francisco but I havent (Sam) and who knows about Winston.

As for Mr. Winston - he had a recent big accomplishment. He passed his eval at doggy day care and a full day of playing and was asked back! The super nice ladies at Belly Rubs n Suds introduced him to the other dogs and watched him carefully as he learned how to play in a pack. He did well and didnt get (too many) timeouts! Yay Winston!!!

So for the important part of the update - pictures! Here are a few pre-walk where Winston is always so excited, him hoarding all the toys which he likes to do and from doggy day care.

Walk time!!

Big smiles

Close up

I love kongs

I dont want to give any of them up

Winston trying to play with a new friend Dixie...

Dixie wanted a break which made him sad

Nap time

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