Monday, July 11, 2011

America's Birthday and an American Bulldog

This is from an old Time magazine - so like our foster bro!!

Happy belated 4th of July!! So this was Winston's first 4th of July with us - not sure where he spent his last one - but he wasnt a big fan of all the noises. He didnt know what they were. And even when he went out on the deck and saw the sparkly lights in the sky, he was none too impressed. He barked a little but mostly just watched from behind the people's legs. Hopefully his next 4th of July will be even better in his forever home!! Pawsitive thoughts peeps!! 

So we've waited a while to update again. We've had even more fun these past few weeks. There was a leak with something called an HVAC which came up through the carpet in our room (which is also the TV/Family room for the people.) So all of our crates and beds and bowls and treats and toys moved up to the kitchen! Sweetest place to hang out! SS is ALWAYS dropping stuff.  We've had a lot of visitors coming in and out to help dry the carpet, cut up the carpet, fix things, and bring samples of stuff. All we know is that its not completely fixed but its dry so we're back down there now while our peeps work. At least its nice and cool down here. We are getting new laminate floors instead of the carpet. It will be soo slippy but the peeps say it will be easier to clean. Maybe if they stopped dropping stuff it wouldnt get so dirty.

So this blog is about big Winston the Wonder Dog. Lets update on him. He's been doing well -  knows all his commands well in the house and even on walks except for one small thing... the most evilest, scariest, trecherous creature there is... the bunny rabbit - and he loses just slightest bit of focus.  Ok around these creatures, he loses all focus. We're not sure why. He's gotten over leaves, birds, and squirrels and can generally walk past them with just a passing glance. But rabbits, he cannot control himself. He whimpers, whines, barks, pulls, and makes it sound like he's in pain just looking at them. We arent always sure what he's going crazy for so we like to join in barking just to show him our support. If there arent any of these malicious, big eared hopping animals around, he's amazing. He looks up at the people, will sit when they stop, and is happy and relaxed. But get him near the woods and trails where the bunnies lurk and its alert city!! Anyone know how to make him relax?? We have no idea! These bunnies dont seem that scary but maybe he's on to something. 

We're working on getting some fancy pictures of him by a famous bully photographer! Will keep you all posted!

Love, Bella and Sam 

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