Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lots of new things

Hey Folks
We've had a busy May! But lots of fun for us. We went to camp at Ivandale Pet Lodge which is amazing for dogs. The nice lady Julie has so much green grass and so many different types of trees for us to inspect and mark. We get to run and run and run - its so awesome. We were there for 6 whole days. We even looked at chickens through a fence.

Then our people took us to this reservoir and tried to make us swim. Ummmm - we're not sure about that but the water was nice and cool. Winston liked to super splash around. Our peeps say we need more practice.  Maybe sometime but swimming isnt the mostest fun quite yet.

Yesterday we went to a Dog Expo a few towns away to get Winston some publicity. We did a 5K walk and then met all these people at booths that all had treats for us. The best part was trying this agility course. We got to go through a tunnel thing. Bella didnt love that so much. Then jump over hurdles and lastly walk up this huge hill ramp thing. We so rocked it and want to do it again. Maybe our peoples will build us a course in our yard... maybe?!?

Winston has been doing better and better every day - mostly. He's learned to play with toys!! This is awesome because he used to only play with rocks which were not good for his teeth and would freak the people out - something about stomachs and vets and money?? Whatever. We took some videos. Hopefully we can attach them to this. He had one set back in the house but we think his tummy was really upset. His walking is getting better but he is still very very strong and sometimes gets very focused on all the squirrels and birds and leaves.

And Winston's tail is all healed up and the fur has grown back too. He's shaping up

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