Monday, May 2, 2011

We haven't forgotten...

Hey Dog Blog Readers

We know it's been even longer this time. We've been busy on lots of walks and training and chewing on marrow bones. And our peeps have been busy at work, bringing Winston to adoption events, and they talk a lot about cleaning up muddy paw prints. It wasn't me :)

So update on foster dog big W. He's put on some much needed weight although he still has a few pounds to go. His parasites are all cleaned up... Now the only thing left is his happy tail. It's still wrapped up because he wags soooo hard, each time we think it's healed, he smacks it open again! But we're taking it slowly this time and not unwrapping for a bit! He still has lots and lots of energy but once he settles he seems to like sleeping a lot. That's why most of the pictures we have are of him sleeping because when he's awake he's pretty squirmy and hard to get a good picture of him.
Sneaking up on the bed again - he really likes the flowery sheets

Passed out in the kitchen
Again - asleep in the car

He's been meeting lots of nice people and loves everyone on our block. He gets a lot of attention and he's very gentle with the shorter people called kids. He also moved out of his wire crate and into a plastic travel crate. We think he feels safer in there because its more like a cave so he has his kongs in there and some nylabones and seems to enjoy it. Once the people get home though he gets so excited to see them he can make the whole crate bounce around. He hasnt figured out that its the same ole people every day and we do the same thing when they get home - walk, food, training, tv, walk, bed. Maybe we should be more excited too but meh - we've been here a while.
Ok well we know this is really about pictures so here you go...

Flying away ears - so excited to see the Peeps even his ears bounce
He's definitely waiting for a treat!

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