Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So let's see

Can I help You?
Seems like we're developing a little habit here or maybe a lack of one in updating this. We're busy dogs yo! So much walking and (not enough) training... wait, that was SS writing. So anyway. It has been busy. We finished up our first round of training with the lovely trainer from Kissable Canines. She was very patient, knowledgeable, and helped us all be better. BB and SS say there are still things to be done. Whatever. We're perfect.

Big Winston the wonder dog has been settling in and is a little more settled in general. He can still get excited and make bird noises on walks but he's not as focused... at least not all the time. He's still trying to get better on that. He's at least more calm and is enjoying being outside instead of being super uber ultra alert all the time. He even got to run around on the big soccer field chasing a toy on a string. He was so excited. Its the little things I suppose. He also is SO excited when the people get home and his crate will jump across the floor. He goes right out to the backyard and runs stairs until he's calmed down a bit. He's in pretty good shape!

Here are some updated pics. We'll share a video or two next time. His happy tail is still happy but at least not hurt anymore! Finally!!

Flap Flappy Gums

You could hide things in there!

Such a lady!

He took all the beds while they were piled up for vacuuming. Bella wasnt amused.

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