Sunday, April 3, 2011

Been a while

Hey Folks,
Bella and Sam here. We apologize for the delay again. It was a busy few days. SS had her birthday and turned 29 again again... or something? She then went away to Boston to visit her friend and left BB here with the three of us. Partaaay! Well kinda.
Winston learned that if he pushed enough he can escape his crate... and if he jumps high enough and uses the banister, can get over the baby gate that's on the stairs from the TV room up to the kitchen. He also learned that he likes cookies that were a gift to SS for her birthday and that if he pushes the door to the treat room, he can pull out all the bully sticks to nom on all by himself. Quite a mischievous little puppy. He also loves to jump into bed with Sam... for snuggling? 

He also went to two adoption events and got lots of loving... but no applications yet. We're still hoping! We like him here but know he will make someone very happy! Off to bed!

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