Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Weeks and Treats for Everyone!

Whats up readers if you're out there? Its me Sam today with the update (although all the pics are still of the new dog...will have to change that up next time.) Ive been working on shedding my winter coat all over the house and the people's clothes but Ill take a break to update on Winston. Its been two weeks since this skinny white dog with the big ole head and different colored eyes invaded our space. We've been pretty gracious hosts I have to say ... especially because we're getting some extra treats and loving. Winston and I like to play but he's a little rough - not mean - just rough with his big fat head so Im trying to teach him. I like to sneak up behind him and grab his back legs but then he likes to smoosh me and I dont know how to get out. Bella's happy Ive stopped doing the leg grab to her and has even tried to get in on the action but she's a little more tentative about the whole thing. I guess because she's a little older and more mature. And she's a girl...hee hee! (Ill get in trouble for that one!) He's still trying to get up on furniture he's not supposed to but he's learning... we think.

We had our first training lesson last night. We were on our best behavior and very deceiving to everyone involved. We took a reallllllyyyyy slllloooooooooowwww walk around the block. Humans were trying to teach us not to pull. I dont understand why. They never seem to know where to go unless we pull them there. Winston's a really good puller but they even got him to stop. I guess we have to practice this loose leash business now. Boring but fine if it means we get to keep walking. We also had to sit and stay on this one tiny piece of the carpet when the doorbell rang. I really dont get this. There are exciting people outside that I need to inspect and smell and lick and shed on - why do I have to wait on this one, teeny tiny piece of carpet?? The only reason I can figure out right now is for treats which is kinda worth it. Lastly, we worked on waiting at the backdoor. Humans walked out and made us wait before running outside. Um - dont they know that we have to run out as fast as we can, race down the stairs, and check for birds or squirrels or new leaves or smells in the backyard all while pushing each other over?? Hellooo? Humans say patience is a virtue but I dont even understand what a virtue is. I do understand that when I do something that makes the humans happy, I get treats and lots of hugs. And they seem all excited. Pretty dumb but thats ok as long as they're happy (and I get a treat.)

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