Thursday, March 24, 2011

So much runninggggggg... soo tired

Hey Peeps. We know its been a while but we've been busy. Winston has a lot of energy from 5+ months at the shelter and he's very excited about everything outside: birds, squirrels, leaves, sounds, wind, outside... So we've been running almost every day. Goodness its exhausting but Winston still has energy! We convinced the humans to change it up a little so I, Bella, get to play catch which I prefer to running even though someone said its kinda the same thing and Sam has to suffer on the runs. He got a night off tonight though. The humans also put a pack on Winston tonight and it worked like a charm. He's a worker bee.. well, a worker dog but you get it right? He had a pack with these water bladders and he did so well. He hardly pulled! He also got to meet our really nice neighbors. One is little, apparently she's 28 (dont know why she's so small - but BB and SS say in human years she's 4 so that explains it - whatevs!) and he gave her kisses and was very nice. He's finally resting so we have time to update. We know the important part about this is pictures so we'll put a lot. He's so cheesy in front of the camera.

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