Friday, March 18, 2011

Hanging Out

Hello Humans. Our new houseguest is now officially called Winston... cuz he's WINNINGGG! (We have to watch the same stupid news our humans do! Hard to not notice that crazy Sheen guy. But his name has nothing to do with the crazy man - the name just fits him.)
Its Friday - thank goodness! We've all made it to the weekend where we can hang out and relax. No work for the BB and SS, more outside time for us, and lots of sleeping. Our new house guest is becoming verrrrry comfortable around here. We let him hang out in the kitchen last night and he wasn't too bad. We all found a bed and just relaxed while shepherd's pie was being made for St. Patrick's Day. It smelled so good!
So back to Winston. He so far has found out that he likes jumping up on the bed, the couch in the living room, into our beds!! - all the places he's not allowed to go. He does look pretty good though until he's told to get off. Here's some pics of him lounging around. We've tried to get a good one of his big ole head and different colored eyes but he kept turning away.
Lastly, poor guy is still sick. He went to the vet who we all think is great and tested positive for hookworm and another parasite... so he needs to be dewormed. Eww and not fun for anyone involved. But hopefully the treatment will work quickly and he can start putting on weight.
Thats all for now. Time for The Soup!

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