Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Two - He's Found His Voice... and maybe thumbs?

Hi Peeples. Bella and Sam again. We've almost gotten through day two and Buster/Gizmo/(new name) Arnold is starting to come to life. He wanted to sing all night long while he was in his crate... gentle, squeaky, lullabies at one in the morning. We think it was something about prison blues - he's so dramatic. We know it must not be uber fun to be in the crate but its for his stitches and his tail. Speaking of his tail - its sooo funnn. Its like a splatter paint master. Ive heard BB and SS call it happy tail. He got it from being in the shelter for so long and whacking his tail against the shelter walls. So the splatter paint all over the walls and mom's jeans is really blood. Looks cool to us though. I, Bella, have the same whip tail. Everyone loves when I get excited and hit them in the shins super hard. Love pats! The nice vet tech wrapped it up for him and we hope it helps. Then maybe SS will stop scrubbing the walls for a minute and pay attention to us. (Granted - every time B/G/A gets a treat or toy - so do we! Swweeeeeet!) The nice vet tech and her friends also gave him the name Arnold. Not sure what we think. Is it like Ahhh-nald like the Terminator? the Governor? That might not be bad.
Lastly - our new home visitor figured out how to escape his crate. We have no idea how he did that!?! Maybe he has opposable claws? We'll so have him open the treat door! Hoping for some treats - paw at you laters peeps!

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