Friday, August 19, 2011

We're sorry we're slow...

So its been a while but I guess we're keeping to the monthly updates. With work, house projects, and lots of exercise it leaves little time for the computer. But here we be!! with updates!!

Its been so so hot so exercise has been limited and when we are outside we walk slowly. The people cant handle the heat so we're gentle and slow with them. We still walk lots of times a day, just shorter walks.

We have lots coming up with a trip to the beach and a short stay at the farm for boarding. The peeps keep talking about the beach and they're really excited so we are too! Bella's been to the beach once when she was first rescued in San Francisco but I havent (Sam) and who knows about Winston.

As for Mr. Winston - he had a recent big accomplishment. He passed his eval at doggy day care and a full day of playing and was asked back! The super nice ladies at Belly Rubs n Suds introduced him to the other dogs and watched him carefully as he learned how to play in a pack. He did well and didnt get (too many) timeouts! Yay Winston!!!

So for the important part of the update - pictures! Here are a few pre-walk where Winston is always so excited, him hoarding all the toys which he likes to do and from doggy day care.

Walk time!!

Big smiles

Close up

I love kongs

I dont want to give any of them up

Winston trying to play with a new friend Dixie...

Dixie wanted a break which made him sad

Nap time

Monday, July 11, 2011

America's Birthday and an American Bulldog

This is from an old Time magazine - so like our foster bro!!

Happy belated 4th of July!! So this was Winston's first 4th of July with us - not sure where he spent his last one - but he wasnt a big fan of all the noises. He didnt know what they were. And even when he went out on the deck and saw the sparkly lights in the sky, he was none too impressed. He barked a little but mostly just watched from behind the people's legs. Hopefully his next 4th of July will be even better in his forever home!! Pawsitive thoughts peeps!! 

So we've waited a while to update again. We've had even more fun these past few weeks. There was a leak with something called an HVAC which came up through the carpet in our room (which is also the TV/Family room for the people.) So all of our crates and beds and bowls and treats and toys moved up to the kitchen! Sweetest place to hang out! SS is ALWAYS dropping stuff.  We've had a lot of visitors coming in and out to help dry the carpet, cut up the carpet, fix things, and bring samples of stuff. All we know is that its not completely fixed but its dry so we're back down there now while our peeps work. At least its nice and cool down here. We are getting new laminate floors instead of the carpet. It will be soo slippy but the peeps say it will be easier to clean. Maybe if they stopped dropping stuff it wouldnt get so dirty.

So this blog is about big Winston the Wonder Dog. Lets update on him. He's been doing well -  knows all his commands well in the house and even on walks except for one small thing... the most evilest, scariest, trecherous creature there is... the bunny rabbit - and he loses just slightest bit of focus.  Ok around these creatures, he loses all focus. We're not sure why. He's gotten over leaves, birds, and squirrels and can generally walk past them with just a passing glance. But rabbits, he cannot control himself. He whimpers, whines, barks, pulls, and makes it sound like he's in pain just looking at them. We arent always sure what he's going crazy for so we like to join in barking just to show him our support. If there arent any of these malicious, big eared hopping animals around, he's amazing. He looks up at the people, will sit when they stop, and is happy and relaxed. But get him near the woods and trails where the bunnies lurk and its alert city!! Anyone know how to make him relax?? We have no idea! These bunnies dont seem that scary but maybe he's on to something. 

We're working on getting some fancy pictures of him by a famous bully photographer! Will keep you all posted!

Love, Bella and Sam 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lots of new things

Hey Folks
We've had a busy May! But lots of fun for us. We went to camp at Ivandale Pet Lodge which is amazing for dogs. The nice lady Julie has so much green grass and so many different types of trees for us to inspect and mark. We get to run and run and run - its so awesome. We were there for 6 whole days. We even looked at chickens through a fence.

Then our people took us to this reservoir and tried to make us swim. Ummmm - we're not sure about that but the water was nice and cool. Winston liked to super splash around. Our peeps say we need more practice.  Maybe sometime but swimming isnt the mostest fun quite yet.

Yesterday we went to a Dog Expo a few towns away to get Winston some publicity. We did a 5K walk and then met all these people at booths that all had treats for us. The best part was trying this agility course. We got to go through a tunnel thing. Bella didnt love that so much. Then jump over hurdles and lastly walk up this huge hill ramp thing. We so rocked it and want to do it again. Maybe our peoples will build us a course in our yard... maybe?!?

Winston has been doing better and better every day - mostly. He's learned to play with toys!! This is awesome because he used to only play with rocks which were not good for his teeth and would freak the people out - something about stomachs and vets and money?? Whatever. We took some videos. Hopefully we can attach them to this. He had one set back in the house but we think his tummy was really upset. His walking is getting better but he is still very very strong and sometimes gets very focused on all the squirrels and birds and leaves.

And Winston's tail is all healed up and the fur has grown back too. He's shaping up

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So let's see

Can I help You?
Seems like we're developing a little habit here or maybe a lack of one in updating this. We're busy dogs yo! So much walking and (not enough) training... wait, that was SS writing. So anyway. It has been busy. We finished up our first round of training with the lovely trainer from Kissable Canines. She was very patient, knowledgeable, and helped us all be better. BB and SS say there are still things to be done. Whatever. We're perfect.

Big Winston the wonder dog has been settling in and is a little more settled in general. He can still get excited and make bird noises on walks but he's not as focused... at least not all the time. He's still trying to get better on that. He's at least more calm and is enjoying being outside instead of being super uber ultra alert all the time. He even got to run around on the big soccer field chasing a toy on a string. He was so excited. Its the little things I suppose. He also is SO excited when the people get home and his crate will jump across the floor. He goes right out to the backyard and runs stairs until he's calmed down a bit. He's in pretty good shape!

Here are some updated pics. We'll share a video or two next time. His happy tail is still happy but at least not hurt anymore! Finally!!

Flap Flappy Gums

You could hide things in there!

Such a lady!

He took all the beds while they were piled up for vacuuming. Bella wasnt amused.

Monday, May 2, 2011

We haven't forgotten...

Hey Dog Blog Readers

We know it's been even longer this time. We've been busy on lots of walks and training and chewing on marrow bones. And our peeps have been busy at work, bringing Winston to adoption events, and they talk a lot about cleaning up muddy paw prints. It wasn't me :)

So update on foster dog big W. He's put on some much needed weight although he still has a few pounds to go. His parasites are all cleaned up... Now the only thing left is his happy tail. It's still wrapped up because he wags soooo hard, each time we think it's healed, he smacks it open again! But we're taking it slowly this time and not unwrapping for a bit! He still has lots and lots of energy but once he settles he seems to like sleeping a lot. That's why most of the pictures we have are of him sleeping because when he's awake he's pretty squirmy and hard to get a good picture of him.
Sneaking up on the bed again - he really likes the flowery sheets

Passed out in the kitchen
Again - asleep in the car

He's been meeting lots of nice people and loves everyone on our block. He gets a lot of attention and he's very gentle with the shorter people called kids. He also moved out of his wire crate and into a plastic travel crate. We think he feels safer in there because its more like a cave so he has his kongs in there and some nylabones and seems to enjoy it. Once the people get home though he gets so excited to see them he can make the whole crate bounce around. He hasnt figured out that its the same ole people every day and we do the same thing when they get home - walk, food, training, tv, walk, bed. Maybe we should be more excited too but meh - we've been here a while.
Ok well we know this is really about pictures so here you go...

Flying away ears - so excited to see the Peeps even his ears bounce
He's definitely waiting for a treat!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Been a while

Hey Folks,
Bella and Sam here. We apologize for the delay again. It was a busy few days. SS had her birthday and turned 29 again again... or something? She then went away to Boston to visit her friend and left BB here with the three of us. Partaaay! Well kinda.
Winston learned that if he pushed enough he can escape his crate... and if he jumps high enough and uses the banister, can get over the baby gate that's on the stairs from the TV room up to the kitchen. He also learned that he likes cookies that were a gift to SS for her birthday and that if he pushes the door to the treat room, he can pull out all the bully sticks to nom on all by himself. Quite a mischievous little puppy. He also loves to jump into bed with Sam... for snuggling? 

He also went to two adoption events and got lots of loving... but no applications yet. We're still hoping! We like him here but know he will make someone very happy! Off to bed!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Weeks and Treats for Everyone!

Whats up readers if you're out there? Its me Sam today with the update (although all the pics are still of the new dog...will have to change that up next time.) Ive been working on shedding my winter coat all over the house and the people's clothes but Ill take a break to update on Winston. Its been two weeks since this skinny white dog with the big ole head and different colored eyes invaded our space. We've been pretty gracious hosts I have to say ... especially because we're getting some extra treats and loving. Winston and I like to play but he's a little rough - not mean - just rough with his big fat head so Im trying to teach him. I like to sneak up behind him and grab his back legs but then he likes to smoosh me and I dont know how to get out. Bella's happy Ive stopped doing the leg grab to her and has even tried to get in on the action but she's a little more tentative about the whole thing. I guess because she's a little older and more mature. And she's a girl...hee hee! (Ill get in trouble for that one!) He's still trying to get up on furniture he's not supposed to but he's learning... we think.

We had our first training lesson last night. We were on our best behavior and very deceiving to everyone involved. We took a reallllllyyyyy slllloooooooooowwww walk around the block. Humans were trying to teach us not to pull. I dont understand why. They never seem to know where to go unless we pull them there. Winston's a really good puller but they even got him to stop. I guess we have to practice this loose leash business now. Boring but fine if it means we get to keep walking. We also had to sit and stay on this one tiny piece of the carpet when the doorbell rang. I really dont get this. There are exciting people outside that I need to inspect and smell and lick and shed on - why do I have to wait on this one, teeny tiny piece of carpet?? The only reason I can figure out right now is for treats which is kinda worth it. Lastly, we worked on waiting at the backdoor. Humans walked out and made us wait before running outside. Um - dont they know that we have to run out as fast as we can, race down the stairs, and check for birds or squirrels or new leaves or smells in the backyard all while pushing each other over?? Hellooo? Humans say patience is a virtue but I dont even understand what a virtue is. I do understand that when I do something that makes the humans happy, I get treats and lots of hugs. And they seem all excited. Pretty dumb but thats ok as long as they're happy (and I get a treat.)